Guide to setting up productivity ratings

Vinod Paul

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TeamLogger can automatically analyze applications and websites used by employees and assign focus rating and productivity rating to their performance.

Please note that for this feature to work, first you must enable application and website usage tracking for the employee.

To set this up, you must first define one or more productivity policies from Admin > Productivity Policies menu. In a productivity policy, you can define which applications and websites are productive and unproductive by assigning a productivity rating to each one of them.

Usually one policy is sufficient if these productivity ratings are common for all employees. If not, you can define multiple policies and then assign policy to each employee from Admin > Users > [Specific User] > Settings > Application and Website Usage Tracking > Productivity Policy.

If you have just one policy, you do not need explicitly assign it for each employee from Admin > Users menu.

Once you have defined and assigned productivity policies ( if more than one policy is defined ), you can see productivity ratings in the Productivity Summary tab in the summary report.

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