How can I reassign / transfer / move time from one project to another.

Sahil (TeamLogger)

Last Update a year ago

To transfer the time logged from one project to another, please follow the below steps

1) Click on "Edit Time" option on the top section of the TeamLogger dashboard

2) Select a particular Employee and Date along with Timezone

3) Click on the Change Project or Task option in the Actions column after choosing the session based on start and end time.

4) Select a project and Task and then click on SAVE

Note: The Edit Time option is available to the users only if Admin gives this access to the users. To set up this option for the users, please follow the below steps

1) Click on Admin> Users option

2) Click on "SETTINGS" option in the corresponding row the user to whom time editing permission has to be given

3) Click on TIME EDITING PERMISSION tab and then make sure Allow changing projects and tasks is checked.

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