I have forgotten my password and cannot access my account. How can I reset my password?

Vinod Paul

Last Update 11 giorni fa

If you are unable to access your account, please check the following first-

1) Make sure you are using correct the username. Please note that your username may be different from your email id. Entering email id instead of username will not work. ( If your username and email id are not same )

2) Make sure your are using correct capitalization and spaces in your username.

3) If you are registered as EMPLOYER, then you can reset your password or recover your username using the Remind Username and Reset Password option on the sign-in page.


    If you are  registered as EMPLOYEE, you can ask your  EMPLOYER or ADMIN to check your username or ask them to reset your credentials from Settings > Manage Users > "Credentials" menu for the concern user using their admin dashboard on TeamLogger.com

In case you do not receive the reset password email, then you can send us an email requesting to generate a temporary password on [email protected] and [email protected]

Note : Use EMPLOYER (main account) email id only to send a email.

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