What are TeamLogger credits?

Is there a quarterly or annual plan?

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In order to use TeamLogger after your trial period, you must purchase Teamlogger credits to continue using TeamLogger. If the default feature set is enabled, 1 credit allows 1 employee to use TeamLogger for 1 month. Credits must be purchased in advance for future use and unused credits are automatically carried forward for next month's use. This means that if you have 10 employees and you buy 80 credits, you need to buy 80 credits only twice a year i.e. every six months.

1 Credit costs 1 USD for international clients or INR 68 (Exc. GST) for clients based in India.

Depending on which features are enabled, each user may consume a different number of credits based on their plan. The plan is automatically activated/ deactivated for each user when features are enabled or disabled by you from the Admin dashboard "Settings" > Manage Users.

You can purchase credits in bulk, which you can use for the next month. For instance, if your monthly credit requirement is 10, you can buy 30 credits to cover the next three months

Plans and the features included in those plans are given in the table below.

FeatureBasic PlanPremium PlanBurst Plan
Pricing per month1 Credit. 1 USD or INR 681.5 Credits. 1.5 USD or INR 1023 Credits. 3 USD or INR 204
Screenshot frequencyupto every 3 minutesupto every 3 minutesevery 30 seconds
Time tracking and activity level trackingYesYesYes
Project and task trackingYesYesYes
Detailed reporting features (groups, clients, projects)YesYesYes
Attendance ReportsYesYesYes
Idle detection and customizable timeout rulesYesYesYes
Manual entry and timesheet editingYesYesYes
Webcam photo IdNoYesYes
Application and website usage reports and productivity policiesNoYesYes

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